4 Ways To Shop For Apartment Rentals

There is plenty of information out there for people looking to purchase homes or condos, but what about Destin apartment rentals? Not everyone is interested in buying property. Sometimes renting makes the best sense. But if you’re not prepared, you could end up getting stuck in a lease that makes the next 6 months to a year a complete nightmare. Before you begin apartment hunting, consider the following suggestions.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

The biggest misconception out there is that Realtors are only for people interested in purchasing properties. In reality, real estate agents help thousands of clients every year find the perfect apartment to fit their needs. Real estate agents know about available rental units before they hit the Internet or are featured in those apartment hunting booklets you find at the grocery store. They can have insider knowledge that can be extremely beneficial to your apartment search.

Another thing that a real estate can do for you is negotiate the price of the rental unit. Many first-time and seasoned renters do not realize that rental prices are negotiable. This is especially true if you’re working with an owner who may be renting his or her second house or vacation property. But even if you’re working with a management company and looking at renting in an apartment complex, there is still room for negotiation. In addition to discussing rent, real estate agents can help you negotiate free or reduced parking, security deposits, and length of the lease.

Walk through the Apartment

Pictures online and downloadable floor plans are not enough to help you make a decision. Walking through the rental unit gives you a feel of the space and can bring to light potential problems such as noisy neighbors, street traffic, or a lack of outdoor space.

Are you searching for an apartment from a long distance? If you’re moving to a new city and can’t travel to view the rental you’re considering, ask a friend or family member who lives in the city to walk through the rental for you. Technology can even help you be a part of the walk-through thanks to various smartphone and tablet apps. At the very least, hire a real estate agent to walk through the unit for you and give you their professional feedback.

Protect Your Rights and Get Everything in Writing

It goes without saying that the agreement between you and the landlord should always be put in writing. Verbal agreements over rent amounts, pets, lease terms, and other important aspects of renting should never be considered good enough. A written contract with the management firm’s or the owner’s information should be signed before keys are handed over.
In this contract, make sure your rights as the tenant are clearly stated. One of the most common causes of landlord/tenant disputes is over privacy rights. Landlords do have a right to enter the premises under certain situations, but these circumstances are very specific and usually only if it is a case of a safety or violation of the law.

Buy Renter’s Insurance

Because renters do not own the physical property, they often forgo seeking renter’s insurance. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the personal items that you have within the walls of your rental unit are valuable. You may have equipment for work, priceless paintings, or expensive furniture. If a fire would occur or a weather-related event would destroy your belongings, not only are you out a place to live, but you’ll have to use your own money to replace your belongings. Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive and a must-have for all renters.

Following these tips when you begin your search for Destin apartment rentals will make the process easier and a lot less stressful.

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Serviced Apartments And The Woman Business Traveller

Here come the girls

It’s not news that the business class seats of major airlines are increasingly being filled by women in power suits clutching Blackberrys, iPhones & laptops as their hand luggage. Men may still do the lion’s share of business travel, but the number of women travelling for business is fast increasing. Leading players in the business travel industry and human resource personnel in multi-national companies now recognise that these female business travellers have different needs and concerns to their male counterparts – do you?

Whether women are travelling domestically or abroad, it’s important that their concerns and needs are addressed and met by their employers, business partners and hosts. Chief among these concerns are health and safety.

• Safety – Safety is a major concern for all business travellers, but it is an even greater concern for female travellers, especially those travelling internationally on assignments. It’s important to ensure that the accommodation you choose for your female employees is safe. This is especially true in developing countries where women may not commonly travel alone, and security and policing may not be as stringent as it is in the Western world.

•Health – It’s well-known that, in general, women are more concerned about their diet and health than men. Access to good food and exercise facilities are important factors to consider when you are sending female employees on assignment. Exercise and nutrition are not only important to women fighting to maintain and improve their figures, they are also important to maintaining good general and mental health. An absence of facilities for maintaining health and well-being could lead to poor general health, which in turn could compromise work performance.

How do serviced apartments meet the needs of female travellers?

Serviced apartments offer a safe and secure environment, and address the particular safety and health needs of female guests in a number of ways

1.Like hotels, serviced apartments have 24-hour security, concierge and reception services.
2.Traditional keys have been replaced with key-cards which are programmed specifically for each guest. These cards enhance safety and security as lost or stolen cards can easily be cancelled to ensure that nobody can gain unauthorised entry into an apartment. In addition, as the cards don’t bear the guest’s name or apartment number, even if the card is not cancelled, the apartment for which it was programmed is not apparent.
3.Most serviced apartments are strategically located near business districts, transport links, and places of interest such as tourist spots and shopping districts. This makes moving around the city easy and safe for female business travellers.
4.When it comes to health, many serviced apartments have fitness and wellness centres that offer yoga, pilates, and women friendly fitness equipment and weights.
5.One of the major advantages that serviced apartments offer over hotels is the kitchen facilities they have. It’s true that the kitchen is no longer exclusively a female domain, but, as diet and nutrition are a key concern for most women, the ability to prepare and cook food is a considerable bonus when travelling on business. This is especially true for those on special diets, those looking to maintain their figures, or those looking to lose weight.
6.Serviced apartment units offer more space and privacy than hotels. For women with children, serviced apartments even offer the opportunity to travel with family in tow.
7.Serviced apartments have all the comforts and facilities of a home. This helps female business travellers to maintain a sense of normality whilst working away from home.

As the world of business becomes less and less gender specific, serviced apartments can provide accommodation that answers the growing needs of women business travellers. Indeed, it’s a woman’s world.

Understanding Multi-Family Apartment Building Mortgage Financing

If you are planning of constructing a multifamily apartment you can get a multifamily mortgage. You should note that the Canada mortgage and housing corporation (CMHC) and the lenders usually don’t review your total debt service (TDS) and gross debt service (GDS) ratios to determine whether you qualify for the financing-they focus on your overall net worth.

The lenders usually focus on the value of your liquid assets such as stocks, bonds, and equity in other real estates. Classic cars, antique dish collections, art, jewelry, and other valuable items aren’t considered as part of the overall net worth.

How to qualify for the multi-family mortgage

For you to quality for the loan the CMHC requires that you have a net worth of at least 25% of the loan amount that you are seeking. You should note that the 25% doesn’t include the down payment that you pay for the property. For you to qualify for any loan, you should have a net worth of $100,000.

What you need when applying for the loan

When making an application you should provide evidence of the assets that you have. This calls for you to provide investment account statement, bank statements, real estate tax assessments for other properties, and notice of assessments for individual tax returns.

You should also provide a document that shows that the guarantors have been approved by the credit bureau. For the guarantor to be eligible, he/she must have a credit score of 680 or more.

The most unique thing is that unlike other lenders who advise you to leave your full time job and concentrate in your investment, the CMHC and mortgage lenders want to see that you have income from full time employment.

This gives them comfort that you have steady income even if there is an economic downturn; therefore, you will still continue to pay the mortgage even if you don’t have tenants in your property.


This is what you need to know about multi-family apartment building mortgage financing. While the qualifying process might seem daunting, it’s very easy when you team up with the right lender.

For ideal results you should explain your future plans for the property and the lender will evaluate the transaction and guide you on how to realize your dreams.

Remember that there is great value in teaming up with the right lender who is well acquainted with the approval process and an expert in multi-family financing.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8908229

Multi-Family Apartment Loans

There are a number of different multifamily apartment financing programs available. They are generally divided into small apartment loans for properties costing between $1 million and $5 million, mid-balance loans for transactions between $5million and $25 million, and large financing programs lending for transactions with no specified upper limit, and a bottom limit of $2 million.

Small multifamily apartment financing

The Fannie Mae loan program offers financing for multifamily apartments with more than 5 rental units. The loan amounts are between $750 thousand and $3 million dollars and have terms of between 5 and 30 years. Another option in this category is a multifamily FHA loan, which is administered by HUD. These government loans are attractive because they do not depend on the volatility of the market. The source of financing remains in place because it is government allocated and controlled. Small conduit multifamily apartment mortgages are also available from 1$ million to $5 million and terms of 5 to 20 years.

Mid-balance and large multifamily apartment financing:

The same basic categories apply to mid-balance multifamily apartment financing as noted above. There are the Fannie Mae programs, FHA loans, and small conduit loans for these monetary ranges. There may be other types of loans available in addition to these so ask your loan broker about the programs they recommend.

How to get approved for multi-family apartment financing:

Specific programs have their own criterion for borrower approval. These lenders base their decision both on certain criteria that the borrower must meet and stipulations for the multifamily apartment being purchased. An example will serve to illustrate this.

Let’s say you are trying to take out a small multifamily apartment loan under the Fannie Mae program. They require that your FICO credit score be higher than 680, and that you have a minimum of 2 years’ experience with 2 multifamily properties. They also require that the post closing liquidity (that is, the amount of cash you will have after purchase of the apartment building) is equal to or greater than the loan amount.

As concerns the property itself, it must be able to demonstrate an average 90% occupancy in the 12 months prior to receiving the loan and it must have 5 or more rentable apartments. The properties are also restricted in most cases to 25 year amortization schedules.

Multi-family apartments are a good real estate investment in these troubled times. The demand for multifamily housing remains fairly steady and the existence of multiple players (i.e. the borrower, tenants, lenders, and possibly government sources) in the cash flow patterns of the transaction distinguish it from other lending and borrowing markets. So if you are thinking of getting into real estate investment, this is a potential area to consider.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6433523

Just Got Started at Grad School

It is really exciting to be honest, because I have gotten a good teaching assistants job with one of the most prestigious professors at Vanderbilt. I am not really studying to be a physician, although I have to learn nearly all of the things that a doctor does. In fact I am trying to learn about biological engineering. I am really interested in some of the projects they have working on artificial organs here right now. Of course I have been focused on all of the mundane stuff like apartments in Nashville TN. I need one that I can afford that is relatively close to the campus. Continue reading →

These Modern Apartments in Henderson Are Unlike Others I Have Ever Seen

Home has to be more than just a place you go to to get some sleep between working and playing. It needs to be a place of refuge where you can relax, feel safe and enjoy spending time there. This is why home ownership has been a big part of the American Dream for so long. Now you can have that and more in apartment living. I never thought that would be possible. Many years ago I was adamant about never living in an apartment, now there are apartments in Henderson that have much more in the way of amenities than what I could ever afford when buying a house.

My wife and I found luxury resort-style apartments in Henderson that are everything we wanted. We have a beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Our living room is big. Continue reading →

Getting Settled in My New Place

When I moved down here I thought that I would look for a place by the beach, they have a couple of them right in the middle of the Tampa Bay area. However none of them were very close to where I am working and obviously I am not the first person to have this thought, it is pretty expensive to live the fantasy. In fact it would also be pretty crowded in these areas, so I started to look at apartments in South Tampa and I found something that was a great deal more practical to be honest. If all goes well I can get to the office in less than ten minutes and it is not much longer than that if things do not go perfectly well. In fact I could ride my bike there, but the traffic sort of makes that a lot sketchier than I would enjoy. Continue reading →

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit More Efficient

Portable ac units have come a long way in recent years. They are more efficient than ever, but it is almost always possible to get a little more efficiency out of them.

Better air flow through the portable a/c means better efficiency. The easiest and most effective way to achieve better air flow is to replace filters regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to how often to replace the filters. Washable filters are great because they can be washed every day for maximum air flow at all times.

Turn the unit on before it is needed. Don’t wait for it to get hot. This may seem like a waste, but it is actually more efficient, says MovinCool. The unit can get a head start on its job this way, and it will not have to struggle and run constantly to reach and maintain the desired temperature later. This tactic is used in schools, offices, churches and other larger buildings with much larger HVAC units.

Close off the area that is being cooled. Portable air conditioning units are meant to cool smaller areas, such as living rooms. It makes sense that the room should be closed off, but this simple way of boosting efficiency is often overlooked. Keeping the room closed off as much as possible will keep the cooled air where it belongs and reduce the load on the unit.

Style Tips for Modern Patio Furniture

Modern living on the patio has evolved, becoming an extension of the home and a favorite gathering place for friends and family. With more time being spent outdoors, creating an outdoor friendly, modern design with your patio furniture. Just as your sofa seat cushions should be comfortable and inviting, so should the cushions you use outside. Nothing modernizes your look like bringing it up to date with modern colors and patterns.

Selecting Cushions

Outdoor furniture cushions have evolved to meet the demand of high end users so there are more fabric textures, materials, colors and designs available than ever before. Once you select your cushions, you can match a durable outdoor paint and update your rusty patio furniture. This simple act can elevate the look of your modern patio and give it a homelike feel.


Modern patio umbrellas have also exploded in the number of patterns, colors and sizes too. An oversized, stand alone Umbrella can be used to keep the sun at bay while making a statement. Selecting a bold yellow umbrella set next to your outdoor chaise lounge of Caribbean blue creates a sophisticated look with contrasting colors. Just be careful your seat cushions aren’t mismatched, as it may throw off your entire color scheme.

Adding outdoor accents like tiki torches, outdoor fireplaces and water features make your outdoor area much more inviting. Of course no patio is complete without an umbrella for the table. Accent pieces for your patio also include planters, outdoor throw pillows, outdoor lighting and outdoor dinnerware. With careful selection, and these tips from The Foam Factory, drab patios can be transformed into sleek, modern masterpieces of the stylish outdoor living.

The Hidden Advantages Of Owning Apartment Houses Vs Single Family Houses

One of the first money making reasons to hold apartment houses and not single family houses is because there is loads of cash flow to be made in apartment investing. Apartments are always in demand – no matter the economy – so if cash flow is important to you then will generate it quickly. When you invest in apartments, your income has no cap. It’s solely based on your expectations and actions.

You can invest in apartment houses part time and eventually quit your job and live better. Serious apartment house investors spend their time finding more profitable deals. Once those deal are found and closed, they employ experienced property management companies who will carry out the day to day activities associated with maintaining an effective business. The purpose of the management company is to free the owner of the apartment building so he or she will have time to do the leisure activities that they enjoy most.

There is less competition in apartment investing verses single family home investing. Only a few investors know how to do it right, and are willing to talk about it. There is little written on the subject of apartment investing and those who do know want to keep it a secret.

There is a lot less risk when buying an apartment building. You don’t lose all of your cash flow if you lose a tenant, as you would with a single family home. Consider this – you can cut your risks by 2 with a duplex and by 4 with a quadplex. So imagine if you have more units under one roof, it will become even easier to absorb tenant turnover.

Apartment investing provides you the benefit of tax-deferred money. Your profits can be tax free (or at least tax deferred) though refinancing. This principle is called 1031 tax-deferred exchange. Performing a 1031 tax deferred exchange basically allows you to defer capital gains taxes on real estate bought and sold for investment purposes.

Economies of scale are realized when investing in apartments. Owning six units in one apartment building is better than owning six single family homes. The cost to maintain them is a lot less. Most importantly, other people pay your mortgage and expenses.

Apartments provide you with a fast price rise in an “up” market cycle and lower price fall in a “down” market cycle. Real estate markets are cyclical meaning it has cycles and phases. Each cycle is different and it depends on the economic environments. Knowing how to buy apartment buildings in each market cycle can lead to tremendous gains as well as avoid long term loss.

Apartment home investing is a ground-floor investing opportunity. Not many people are investing in apartment houses. It’s is a great time to invest in apartments because the economies of affordability of single family housing forces many to rent. The greatest demand for apartment homes is being created by the Baby Boomers children, who are called the Echo Boomers. In addition, lifestyle changes and elderly preferences are swelling the ranks of renters.