Just Got Started at Grad School

It is really exciting to be honest, because I have gotten a good teaching assistants job with one of the most prestigious professors at Vanderbilt. I am not really studying to be a physician, although I have to learn nearly all of the things that a doctor does. In fact I am trying to learn about biological engineering. I am really interested in some of the projects they have working on artificial organs here right now. Of course I have been focused on all of the mundane stuff like apartments in Nashville TN. I need one that I can afford that is relatively close to the campus. There are a lot of them around, but I am not looking to blow all of the little bit of money that I have on one. In fact I am really hoping to find another grad student that can share the costs of a two bedroom place.

That is obviously the best solution, although it would be really ideal if I could find a girlfriend who was willing to let me stay with her for free. Since that is not likely a roommate is going to be the best idea. In essence you are going to end up on the hook for around sixty percent as much as you would have to pay for a place by your own. That does not mean it is all going to be roses though. The trick is to find a guy that is going to show up with his share of the rent every single month without fail. The big reason to want another grad student is because they are likely to be a lot more serious than the average student and less likely to simply squander the money for the rent on drinking beer and chasing girls.