I Shall Be Home Soon

I have been finishing up here at this job in Yishun, so I am going to be on the way back to Australia in a month or two. The place is not really ready for the tenants yet, but we just finished up the www.parclife.net and that tells you when you are getting close to the end. At least all of the things that are left to do, are not really within my domain. All of the things they yell at me about are pretty much done, but there is some paperwork for me to catch up on and I am thinking about taking a detour. Bali is just South of here and there are a lot of places that I would like to see down there. Of course I took my surfboard with me when I came here, but there is not any real chance of getting any surfing in around here. In fact the only thing I have heard about is sort of crazy.

What they do have around here is a lot of ships and ships have huge wakes, so apparently there are some people that will surf these wakes. From what I have heard you probably need to get a power boat in order to do this and it seems a bit daft in my opinion. They definitely have plenty of waves in Bali, if you know where to look for them and I really would like to go see some of the tourist sites down there. I was going to see if I can get Michelle to meet me there, but she told me that she was really busy and that she could not get away from her job at this point in time. So that is not going to happen and I may go home instead.