How to Buy an Apartment Building and Create Wealth

With the real estate market in the unstable state that it is, investors need to look further than the tradition methods of gaining capitol. One of these investment opportunities that is little known, but is worth taking a second glance at is the purchase of a multi-family apartment building. Surprisingly, owning an apartment building doesn’t mean the tradition misconceptions of hounding tenants for rent, and spending weekends performing upkeep on the property. Owning an apartment building is great for novice investors, or those looking to diversify their portfolio.

With foreclosure rates at an all time high, financial connoisseurs are investing. Warren Buffet, one of the biggest names in investing prefers times like this when the real estate market is in an uproar. Like all things, the real estate market will inevitably turn around – and this is when the gurus look for investments, and find some of the best ones – when others aren’t looking!

Many people are making the transition into multi-family investing with the high foreclosure rate, and the high cost of owning a home. Savvy investors are taking advantage of this information. As prices decline in homes, multi-family prices continue to remain steady. There are always going to be people seeking shelter, it is a fact of life. Why not buy into an investment that can provide shelter to as many people as possible, creating larger value for the investor.

Rental property has never been at a higher demand. According to the most recent census more than a third of the country is residing in rented housing. This is thirty six million households choosing to rent, rather than own, in this uncertain time. 83% of those under 25 are currently renting their home. 55% of those over 25 are renting their home – and as well, growing numbers of senior citizens are choosing to rent their home. Demographics are on the side of the investor choosing to purchase a multi family apartment building.

Purchasing newly developed multi-family buildings may come at a high cost, but the rent will also be higher – this makes older apartment buildings more manageable, cheaper and more popular with those seeking ap lace to live. There are many ways that the investor can increase the value of the home – or raise rent to increase monthly cash flow. Contrary to popular belief, older buildings are indeed in competition with those newly developed buildings.

The banks are also on the side of investors that choose to use their money to purchase multi-family buildings. Lenders are willing to finance up to eighty percent of most multi-family properties. The bank will often make adjustments allowing the homeowner to put as little as ten percent down towards the cost of the apartment building. This is done by creating a second mortgage, allowing the owner flexibility within regards to payments.

Seeing as the bank will provide up to eighty percent of the purchase price, leverage becomes one of the main benefits to owning an apartment building. Purchasing a property for as little as ten percent down can increase your initial investment up to four times per year, if the apartment building gains value.

A multi-family property becomes an even more attractive investment option when the cash flow theory is introduced. Cash flow is the amount of money that is left over each month after the mortgage and operating expenses have been paid. Cash flow can be used in a high interest saving account, or can be used to pay down the mortgage increasing the equity within the investment.

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