Getting Settled in My New Place

When I moved down here I thought that I would look for a place by the beach, they have a couple of them right in the middle of the Tampa Bay area. However none of them were very close to where I am working and obviously I am not the first person to have this thought, it is pretty expensive to live the fantasy. In fact it would also be pretty crowded in these areas, so I started to look at apartments in South Tampa and I found something that was a great deal more practical to be honest. If all goes well I can get to the office in less than ten minutes and it is not much longer than that if things do not go perfectly well. In fact I could ride my bike there, but the traffic sort of makes that a lot sketchier than I would enjoy. At any rate I really like the fact that I can get out of bed, get myself ready and get to work in about twenty five minutes.

I have also sort of lucked into something pretty interesting. Like most apartments this one has a balcony and I have a little charcoal grill and some patio furniture out on mine. A couple of days after I moved in I went out there to grill myself a steak and I quickly realized that there were two very attractive college students living next to me. It turned out that they were really friendly too. Neither of them can cook to save their lives, which is something I have been using to my advantage. At any rate I have been enjoying the company and hope to get to know them even better. It turns out that they have a lot of friends who come by all the time.