Colleges and Universities with Family Housing

College Student At A Glance

When you envision the average college student you think of a person between the ages of 18-24, single and parent dependant.This student usually attends college immediately after high school and has virtually no responsibilities except to study hard.

But this image is changing. At any give time you can look and see this to be true on any campus. More and more you are seeing older students ranging from college freshmen to graduate students. These older students bring a whole new list of demands and expectations from their education institute.

Consider this, you are a 28 year college freshmen. Would you want to live in a dormitory or would you prefer an apartment? You’re a single mother or father attempting to return to school full time, where would you live? Your a young married couple, possibly high school sweet hearts, where would you live? How would you finance this apartment as well as a full-time college education. If you are moving to a new area, how would you find housing?
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Ta-Dah!!! Family and Graduate Housing

Universities have taken notice to the change of college student demographics.They see that the typical college student is not the only type of college student. Graduate and Family housing is a direct response to the questions that many face when thinking of returning to college. This type of housing allows students to live on campus, have a fully functioning apartment, and have their family with them at a fraction of the cost.
Benefits of Family Housing

Family is on campus with you
Short commute to classes
Takes the fuss out of finding an apartment in new area
In most cases utilities a included
Financial aid pays all or portion of rent
Living in a great community that supports you education

Over 200 schools nationwide offer some type of housing for non-traditional students. This type of housing opens the door to many non- traditional students to take advantage of every possible avenue when it comes to education. This is a supporting community that has your best interesting mind. These communities have playgroups and daycare centers near by. Also there are campus organized activities for the families. This is a great choice for all those who thought they were too old or have too many responsibilities to go back to school
It’s never too late

It is never too late to want to better yourself. Every person has to improve themselves. This shifting economy has made it very difficult to find employment and raise a family. Returning to school will give you a greater competitive edge in the employment market. Returning or starting school can be expensive but remember there are many options available to you. First step, apply for financial aid using the FAFSA. Second, consider employment on campus. Third, do not be afraid to visit the school of your choice and speak to student affairs. Many of the schools that offer family housing also provide support for non-traditional students.