Virgin Media Discount Codes – Switching to Virgin for UK Houses and Apartments

Richard Branson’s Virgin brand ventures range from airlines to space travel. Here we see Virgins media solutions for UK homes (houses and apartments) and the latest money saving Virgin Media promo codes. We have taken the latest Virgin voucher codes and deals from

One of the main focus of all Virgin companies is customer experience. Their aim has been to make their products enjoyable and easy to use. Making the switch to Virgin Media is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, discover what Virgin offer in your area using your postcode.
  2. Pick your choice broadband, TV, or phone package.
  3. Order your choice package. Apply a valid Virgin Media offer code at checkout to save money.Remember, if you have connected to Virgin Media network in the last 3 years, you can start installing the services using theirQuickStart self-install pack which is available for free collection, or delivery at £5. Otherwise, Virgin will send an installation engineer to set things up for you within 14 days.
  4. Once your Virgin Media services are up and running, cancel your current provider’s services.
  5. Virgin will send you a contract by email, your billing information as well as installation guides and everything else you need to use our services better.

Virgin Media Bundles

Virgin Media has a choice of four great bundles covering high speed internet, television, and phone services. These are:

  1. Full House

The Full House package also includes VIVID 200 fibre broadband, whose 213 Mbs of download speed is suitable for households with more than 10 devices. Subscribers also get weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin Mobile numbers, and 0845/0870 numbers. The Full House bundle costs £55 a month and it comes with over 230 television channels. Virgin Media promotional codes may save you money on your first month’s subscription.

  1. Mix

The Mix bundle costs £45 a month. The bundle gives you a choice of over 150 channels in addition to VIVID 200 broadband, which is suitable for households with over 10 devices to link to the web. You will also get weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin Mobile numbers, and 0845/0870 numbers..

  1. Full Player

The Full Player bundle goes for £29 a month. It has over 70 television channels, VIVID 100 broadband for households with 5 to 9 devices, and weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile, and 0845/0870 numbers.

  1. VIP

The VIP bundle goes for £125 a month. In addition to the 230 plus Full House TV channels, the bundle also includes Sky Cinema HD and Sky Sports HD to give you a choice of over 260 channels.

The bundle also includes VIVID 350 fibre broadband, with download speeds of 362 Mbs! You will also get calls to UK landlines, mobile numbers, and 0845/0870 numbers. This is Virgin’s most expensive media plan, but it is ideal for families where there is a great need to data. For example, running a business from home or online gaming. There is usually no Virgin Media coupon codes applicable to this plan.

What if you want broadband only?

If all you want is broadband internet, then here are your options. They all include a £20 installation cost.

  • VIVID 50 (£33 a month). Has download speeds of 54 Mbs and upload speeds of 3Mbs; which is good for households with up to 4 devices.
  • VIVID 100 with Talk Weekends (£29 a month). Average download speeds of 108Mbs and upload speeds of 6Mbs. Suitable for 5 to 9 devices. Also includes free talk weekends.
  • VIVID 100 (£38 a month). Download speeds of 108Mbs and upload speeds of 6Mbs. For households of 5 o 9 devices.
  • VIVID 350 (£48 a month unless you have a valid coupon for Virgin Media). Average download speeds of 362Mbs and upload speeds of 21Mbs.

If you are renting or buying an apartment or house in the UK, see how you can switch to Virgin here.

The New In Latest Luxury Apartment Living

Luxury apartments are in great demand these days and consequently lots of developers have taken to offering them. There was a time when these deluxe apartments were available only in the major cities all over the world. However, real estate developers now offer these apartments in smaller cities as well.

People these days have very clear ideas about what constitutes luxury apartment living. Needless to say, what appeals to one person will not necessarily appeal to another one. Even so, there are a few features that stick out because of their enduring popularity.

  • Unique architecture

People who can afford to live in a luxury apartment are no longer willing to settle for pedestrian architecture. They expect builders and developers to come up with unique designs for buildings. This enables them to stay in a place that reflects their aspirations and achievements.

  • Deluxe fixtures and fittings

Since buyers are spending a great deal of money on deluxe apartments they expect the sittings and fixtures to be of an appropriate quality. This includes high quality flooring made of marble or wood, designer bathroom fixtures, state of the art security systems and even designer kitchens.

  • Wide range of public amenities

A deluxe apartment complex generally comes with one or more swimming pools, a well-equipped gym and sometimes even a business center. It also tends to come with a beautifully landscaped garden and other public areas.

  • High level of security and service

Buyers of luxury apartments expect the building to have the best possible security, both human and electronic. They also expect the building to have proper on-site management with maintenance staff available for the better part of the day (with a few staff available at night as well).

People planning to invest in a deluxe apartment should do plenty of research before investing in a particular property. Lots of builders say that they offer luxury apartment living but the reality is actually quite different. Many buyers find out that they have spent a great deal of their hard-earned money on a property that isn’t really special.

Luxury apartment living can be quite expensive because all these great features come at a cost. However, as long as a person wants to enjoy these features and facilities then he or she will not have a problem with the cost. Even so, it is best to invest in a property that offers the facilities that one requires.

These Modern Apartments in Henderson Are Unlike Others I Have Ever Seen

Home has to be more than just a place you go to to get some sleep between working and playing. It needs to be a place of refuge where you can relax, feel safe and enjoy spending time there. This is why home ownership has been a big part of the American Dream for so long. Now you can have that and more in apartment living. I never thought that would be possible. Many years ago I was adamant about never living in an apartment, now there are apartments in Henderson that have much more in the way of amenities than what I could ever afford when buying a house.

My wife and I found luxury resort-style apartments in Henderson that are everything we wanted. We have a beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Our living room is big. Continue reading “These Modern Apartments in Henderson Are Unlike Others I Have Ever Seen”

Getting Settled in My New Place

When I moved down here I thought that I would look for a place by the beach, they have a couple of them right in the middle of the Tampa Bay area. However none of them were very close to where I am working and obviously I am not the first person to have this thought, it is pretty expensive to live the fantasy. In fact it would also be pretty crowded in these areas, so I started to look at apartments in South Tampa and I found something that was a great deal more practical to be honest. If all goes well I can get to the office in less than ten minutes and it is not much longer than that if things do not go perfectly well. In fact I could ride my bike there, but the traffic sort of makes that a lot sketchier than I would enjoy. Continue reading “Getting Settled in My New Place”

Just Got Started at Grad School

It is really exciting to be honest, because I have gotten a good teaching assistants job with one of the most prestigious professors at Vanderbilt. I am not really studying to be a physician, although I have to learn nearly all of the things that a doctor does. In fact I am trying to learn about biological engineering. I am really interested in some of the projects they have working on artificial organs here right now. Of course I have been focused on all of the mundane stuff like apartments in Nashville TN. I need one that I can afford that is relatively close to the campus. Continue reading “Just Got Started at Grad School”

Apartment Locator VS Apartment Database Search! What’s Best For You?

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Let’s start with the fact that 80% of all searches start on line, that being said when you do a search on Google or Yahoo for the terms “rental apartments” or “apartments for rent” you are faced with two basic options; apartment locator that offers their free service ether from their internet sites or using classified ad postings and other internet sites that offer the use of an apartment database. Which is the best for you? Well, that depends on what your needs and wants are and whether you like the “do it yourself” apartment hunting or being helped by a professional Apartment locator.

The Apartment Locator: If you are relocating to a new area or a new city, a place you are unfamiliar with, you don’t know the neighborhoods, schools, job centers, transportation, etc, the apartment locator may be your best choice.They respond to your request by phone or email (you decide) to ask you some details about your ideal apartment. You want to give them as much information about your wants and need as far as: budget, date of move part of town and more. The apartment locator is knowledgeable about the area of his local rental market. They will be very helpful in finding you rental property that suits your particular needs, best of all, in most cases this will be a totally free service. The apartment locator is normally paid “finder’s fee” or “referral fee” from the landlord apartment complex or landlord.

The Apartment Database Search: Unlike apartment locators, the typical apartment database offers an extensive choice of apartment listings. You can read the descriptions of apartment communities see maps, amenities, rent ranges, photos of inside and out and in some cases contact information. All this information helps you understand if a particular rental apartment or complex meet your needs and wants. If you like the “Do it yourself” method an apartment database site might be the one for you. Most require a simple registration which asks for name email and date of move. You do not submit your telephone number and you will not be contacted personally by anyone.

Same as apartment locator, most apartment database are free to use, in some cases you are even offered an Apartment Rebate of $100.00 or more if you tell the property you visit and/or lease that you where sent by a specific referring source ( apartment locating database or website). So, which is better for you? The apartment locator or the apartment database?

How Can a Kid Make Money When Many Adults Are Unemployed?

The unemployment problem in this country is a harbinger for our next president to give serious consideration to. There are many people who at one time have had a well-paying job, and held a respectful place in their community. Today those people are driving cabs or working at a fast food joint just to help pay the bills. Sometimes people take it for granted that kids need to make money too. When kids have money, they spend it and help our economy. Kids need to make money, but how can a kid make money when many adults are unemployed? Has the job market retracted for kids the same way it has for adults? When the powers that be talk about creating jobs, kids don’t get mentioned, but how can a kid make money?

Many kids are ambitious, motivated, and have lots of energy. Kids are fun to work with and many want to learn and have responsibility. How can a kid make money though if the jobs are not available? Another trait that kids have is that they are resilient, and they are not afraid to do the jobs that some adults may be reluctant to do. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s workforce, and when kids work it helps build character, confidence, and independence. Since there is a minimum age to be able to start working on the books, the question again rings loud “How can a kid make money?

It would certainly seem that kids are entrepreneurial by nature. Whenever we see a lemonade stand, we intuitively know that there is a young person behind this money making venture. Kids don’t need to make top dollar to pay the bills, so they are open to opportunities that adults will shun. Kids will help clean the house, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and clean the garage. So when we ask the question “How can a kid make money?” we don’t have to look far for answers. A kid can deliver newspapers, run errands, wash cars, and walk the dog. Some adults may even feel a little envious realizing how many opportunities that there are for kids.

Kids are usually not shy about offering their services to someone. Once a kid is old enough, they want to babysit, especially girls. The boys may offer to do some painting. While the jobs or opportunities are not always readily apparent, the kids with the desire, fortitude, and insight will find their rainbow that will hold their pot of gold. How can a kid make money? It is a good question to ask kids and see their imagination go to work. They may surprise you and come up with something you may not have thought of. How many times do you wish you could find someone to pull weeds, or wash the car? Girl Scout cookies have not become one of the biggest selling cookies in the world for nothing. With a ready, willing, and ready workforce in place, our country is headed in the right direction.

The Stigma of Being a Foster Kid

“Please Don’t Call Me a Foster Kid”

Just recently I was watching TV with my foster grandson when the mattress company commercial came on the screen…the one that asks people to donate money so that children in foster care might have warm clothing for the cold weather. I asked Tony if the commercial embarrassed him at all. He admitted that the company probably meant well but “it sort of gives the impression that we are all poor kids and need to be pitied.” His comment reminded me of the stigma our foster children are made to bear in our society.

I am proud to be a foster parent but I find myself sort of dancing around the word when I refer to Tony as my foster kid.. He much prefers that I simply call him my grandson rather than his foster grandson. I’m good with that. I understand that teenage kids in the foster system don’t need to have their legal status branded on their chests. Just being a teenager is tough enough without attracting notice by having an additional label added to your name.

Foster kids already know they are different from their classmates. They are aware that their school trip permission slips and Medicaid authorization slips are signed by “guardian” not a parent. They are conscious that their teachers and school administrators “know” they are foster kids and that in some cases they are watched more closely than other students. Wanting more than anything to merge in seamlessly as just another normal kid, their legal status makes them stand out in a crowd.

It’s hardly a secret that many foster kids, even those whose foster parents would allow it, do not feel comfortable inviting their friends over for a sleep-over. This is especially true for kids who live in group homes but it is also true of kids in family homes. As Tony would say, “It’s just too awkward.”

Ironically, this “awkward” situation is made worse by the media, which throws a spotlight on the failure of our foster care system to produce successful outcomes for kids transitioning out of foster care. When the public sees headlines like “70% of incarcerated adults spent at lease some time in the foster care system,” it doesn’t give them much incentive to welcome foster kids in our communities or make it easier for foster kids to own up to their status.

No one seems to “get” that kids entering the foster system were admitted because they were deeply troubled kids already. By definition, they came to the system because they were abused and neglected by their birth parents. Of course they have attachment and abandonment issues. Of course they act out. Those early childhood years were traumatic. Granted that the foster care system needs improvement, it’s more than a little simplistic to blame everything on those trying their best to salvage kids when the kids have been deeply harmed before they were even placed in their first foster home.

I would like to see a dramatic change in the way we look at foster kids. Sure the system can improve. We need to invest in these children by providing better training for foster parents and by giving foster parents adequate resources to do their job right. We need to assure a more stable system so that kids are not bounced from one foster home to another. We need to make more of an effort to keep siblings together in care.

But, just as important is a change in attitude on the part of all those people who take care of children. From teachers to coaches to administrators, we have to begin to realize that the negative “tude” we have towards foster kids is part of the reason so many give up on life and waste their lives in prisons. When a kid says, “Don’t call me a foster kid,” he is already buying into the expectations that he will fail. That’s a tragedy for all of us.

I told Tony that I ‘ll go along with his request not to referred to as a foster kid as long as he understood that there is nothing bad about being a foster kid, that he had done nothing wrong and that foster kids are perfectly capable of succeeding in life. “Is it a deal?” I asked him. “Yea, grandpa. That’s cool,” he smiled and gave me a high five.

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Teach Your Kids

Once kids develop comfortable routines, it is very difficult to change their minds. The same goes with their eating habits. For this reason, you need to keep unhealthy foods out of the house, and instead teach them about healthy eating habits. Below are 5 healthy eating habits you can teach your kids.

1. Encourage your kids to make smart eating choices in school

Half the time, your kids will be in class, and chances are, you do not know what they are eating while in school. The best way to make sure your kids develop healthy eating habits, is to pack their school bags with healthy homemade meals and snacks. Alternatively, you can go over the school lunch menu with your kids. Schools generally print out their monthly lunch menu. Sit with your kids, and challenge them to identify the healthiest options on the school’s lunch menu. When you do this regularly, your kids will naturally develop healthy eating habits.

2. Do not outcast junk food outright

Once kids get their first taste of junk food, they will always want more. If you want your kids to develop healthy eating habits, you will have to teach them to gradually let go of junk food. However, do not ban your kids from eating junk food. If you ban children from doing something, they will do exactly what they were banned from doing. Instead, limit their access to these junk foods. For example, feed them sweet treats only once a week, rather than everyday; that way, your kids’ desire for junk food will decrease over time.

3. Teach your kids about calories in drinks

Although kids may be aware of the amount of calories contained in unhealthy foods, they may not know that certain drinks are packed with empty calories that promote weight gain. For example, certain ice cream shakes sold by fast food restaurants, contain up to 900 calories (nearly half of the daily calorie intake suggested for most 9 to 13 year-old children).

To help your kids naturally avoid unhealthy beverages, have them drink enough water and plain milk. The more water and plain milk they drink, the less they will be attracted to sugary beverages. If you have to give your kids some juice, make sure that the juice is organic, and is 100% fruit-based. In addition, mix the juice with water.

4. Set a good example to your children

Your healthy eating habits will directly determine your kids’ eating habits. Eat healthy snacks with your kids as much as possible. Tell them about the benefits of eating vegetables. Encourage them to choose water instead of soda.

5. Keep a strict eating schedule

When you and your kids keep a regular eating schedule that seldom changes, it will prevent your kids from snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Moreover, when kids have a strict eating schedule, they are rarely hungry between meals. When your kids skip a meal, do not allow them to eat candy or chocolate at the place of that meal. Instead, give them a healthy snack, such as an apple or a banana.


The sooner you teach your kids about healthy eating habits, the easier it will be for them to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Rather than hiding unhealthy foods from your kids, teach them why these foods are not appropriate.

Top Vacation Spots For the Entire Family

Going on vacation with your family? There are quite a number of vacation spots suitable for the entire family. Orlando, known as the theme park capital of the world is characterized by myriad fun places for the whole family. Have fun on the sandy beaches as you stay in the beautiful resorts with beach pools. Enjoy such attractions as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Also visit Nick Hotel which offers themed fun at its two water parks.

You can also opt to go to Mexico and visit Cancun and Mayan Riviera. You can either stay in Cancun and visit the beautiful attractions of Riviera Maya or stay in Riviera Maya and take a day trip to Cancun. You can go shopping and dining while the kids can have fun at the beaches. You can stay in one of the all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. In Riviera Maya, your family can take part in various activities including snorkeling at the second largest barrier reef on Earth and you can even visit the eco-themed park and Xcaret.

The Caribbean is also a perfect vacation spot for the entire family. It houses all-inclusive resorts with great activities for the entire family and is perfect for those who appreciate a vacation by the beach. The entire family can engage in quite a variety of water sports and the children can also have fun at the kids clubs.

Williamsburg is another fun vacation spot for the entire family. Apart from the entertaining fun, children can also enjoy educational fun. You can enjoy the colonial environ at Williamsburg and also visit the Busch Gardens Europe theme park together with the Water Country USA giant water park. The family can enjoy entertainment provided by the actors and volunteers who portray people from the era before American revolution.

Arizona is also another perfect family vacation spot. The scenery at the Monument Valley is iconic and you will also get the opportunity to find out about the Navajo. Arizona is also home to the stunning Lake Powell. You can enjoy house boating at the flooded canyon. You can also take your family on a whitewater raft adventure at the popular Grand Canyon and also enjoy a mule ride or helicopter flight seeing.

Hi my name is Frederick, I love to cruise. The Caribbean is my favorite place to cruise as well as a destination trip. I have over 39 years of travel experience

Family – More Than a Common Last Name

Family is an immensely vast term. It can mean anything from a group of unrelated people who treat each other with care and respect, to the physical linking of people due to their relatives. Family can have both a positive and negative connotation; a family of thieves is very different than a family of do-gooders. This brief article will address family in the sense of lineage, that is, actual relatives, and the bond between family members will be especially focused on.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even more distant ties are all considered to be family. Some families are small, others are large, some are close (both in mind and location), and others are distant. Even with so many differences from family to family, one common thread can be commonly found in families throughout the world. That common thread can be referred to as mental attachment.

When we are born, we immediately form a very strong attachment with our mother. The bond with our father comes next, and as we age, we learn how to form stronger bonds with the other people in our life. The reason why babies form such strong bonds with their mother and father so quickly has everything to do with survival.

Some people argue that our closest relative is the monkey. Have you ever seen a newborn monkey? It clings to its mother desperately, and with good reason, because mother monkeys continue to move about, eat, forage, and swing from limb to limb with their newborns. If a baby monkey were to be less closely bonded with its mother, it may reach out to another monkey just as the mother is preparing to jump, and the outcome would be less than favorable.

So humans rely on their bond with their immediate family to protect them and care for them as they age into early childhood. What does this mean for the rest of us? Well, if you are already living on your own, you are probably familiar with that desire to call or visit your parents from time to time. Perhaps your relationship with your parents is actually pretty bad, perhaps one of your parents was never there when you were a child. I’ll bet you still get that urge to make contact, to touch base. This feeling can be directly related to our infancy.

John Bowlby, known as the father of the attachment theory, believes that the parent-child bond is the most contributing factor to a child’s developing personality. The attachment that forms between children and their parents, siblings, and more distant family helps keep families together, even when tragedies occur, or when disputes threaten to break the family apart.

So the next time you are sitting at the picnic table at your family reunion, watching Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Benjamin bicker about the potatoes, wondering why you came, think about how beneficial your bond with your family is. After all, who else will loan you a hundred dollars, albeit begrudgingly, the next time you are in a jam?

Keep Your Family a Happy Family by Sharing Funny Life Quotes

It was dream of every individual to build a happy family. Having a happy family is a true pleasure of life. The joy of being in such a family is something that can’t be describe in words. It increases your chances of being successful in your professional life as well.

So how can we build a Family which laughs together cries together plays together and supports each other in every circumstances of life. We can build a happy family if we can make the safe, happy and fun environment in home. One of the best ways to do so is by sharing daily funny life quotes with our family.

Communication is most important factor in building and maintaining happy family. Sharing Funny Life Quotes encourage communication between family members. Everyone laughs out loud while discussing funny quotes together in family.

Apart from making your family happy, sharing funny life quotes has other benefits as well. It builds strong bond of love between family members, increases your energy level, help you get rid of your routine work related stress and keeps you fit and healthy physically as well as mentally.

There are plenty of ways to share funny quotes about life with your family. You can put a quote in the wall of your child room. You can buy a t-shirt for your child with funny quote printed on it. You can put a quote in the mirror, in refrigerator, in the hat of your child as well as yours, in your body as a tattoo quote or you can buy children stationary with funny quotes printed on it. The possibilities are endless. Use your own creativity and find out the way that best suits the personality of your family.

Your main aim of sharing quotes is to encourage communication between family members. It’s essential to build happy family. Every member of family should be should be comfortable in presenting in his/her views and opinions. Sharing Funny Life Quotes make every family member makes comfortable in talking to each other which in turn bring all family members close together.

Is It Better For the Family To Stay Together After Your Spouse Cheats?

I sometimes hear from folks whose sole motivation after their spouse has cheated or had an affair is to keep their family together at all costs. As angry and as hurt as the affair has made them, they are determined not to allow this to tear their family apart. However, as determined as many of them are, they often have small doubts as to whether or not this effort is going to worth it in the long run.

I heard from a wife who said: “my husband had an affair at work last year. I kicked him out for a little while because I could not stand to look at him, much less to live under the same room with him. My kids did not understand this of course and I wasn’t going to tell them. Over time, we all began to miss my husband. I told him that I was allowing him to come back only because I want to keep my family together no matter what. My parents are divorced and this is very painful for me because they could never get along and I always had to choose between them. As a result, I’m not close with my extended family. I do not want this for my own children. But I am still so angry with my husband. I still feel so much pain. And my husband knows this. He says he can never feel at ease around me. He says neither of us are really happy but he knows that this is all his fault. I am starting to wonder if this is all really worth it. I am wondering if it’s not more problematic for my kids to be living in this awkward situation. I guess I’m wondering if I will look back when my children are adults and be glad that I kept us all together.” I’ll try to address these concerns in the following article.

I Think That Preserving Your Family Is Definitely Worth It As Long As You Insist On Healing: The situation that the wife described wasn’t an ideal one. Sure, the family was still together. But they were all still in pain. The kids likely knew that there was something going on. They likely felt the tension quite intensely. And, in small ways, they likely had to choose between their parents sometimes, especially in terms of their loyalty.

With that said, I will be the first to admit that my primary motivation for trying to save my marriage after my husband’s affair was my children. If I only had myself to think about, I might well have packed my bags and never looked back. But, like this wife, I am a child of divorce who wants better for my own children.

With that said, although my children motivated me, I was also clear on the fact that I was unwilling to live in an unhappy household. And I stressed this to my husband from the very beginning. I went through that in my own childhood and it left serious scars. So I insisted that my husband and I focus on healing so that our household would be a happy one for every one involved, including ourselves.

I am not going to tell you that there weren’t some very difficult months in our house. There were times when things were most definitely difficult for all of us. And I sometimes wondered if one of us should move out for good. But when I had these thoughts, I would promise myself that I would revisit some troublesome issues and then give the whole process a little more time. And looking back now, it was absolutely worth it. But, I do not think it would have been worth it if I was going to hang onto the anger or if my husband was going to be sullen and bitter. And it most definitely would not have been worth it if my children were caught in this unhealthy cycle.

I suppose the point that I’m trying to make is that my opinion is that it is worth it keep your family together if you can set it up so that the same family is in a healthy and happy environment. And this takes work and time. It’s not easy. And it’s not immediate. But it can work. The wife in the above scenario hadn’t really considered this. She just assumed that if she kept her family together she would have to struggle with her husband. But she hadn’t entertained the thought that if she could fix what was broken, she could actually not only tolerate him but enjoy being married to him again.

It’s Fine To Use Your Kids As Motivation, But They Shouldn’t Be The Only Thing Keeping You Together: It’s very common for me to hear from people who tell me that they are only still together for the sake of their kids. They tell me that as soon as their kids are adults, they are leaving their spouse and seeking a divorce. I find this sad. Because when they have this mindset, there is no way that they are working on or improving their marriage. They have no belief that they can ever be happy again. In short, they are accepting a sentence of living with less than they deserve.

And I don’t believe that this is necessary. I believe that you can heal your marriage, if you have the tools and the desire. I’m not saying it’s easy. But I do think it’s worth it. So to answer the question posed, I do believe that it benefits every one in the family to save your marriage after an affair, but only if it’s done in a way that returns the family to a healthy and happy state eventually. Living with tension, despair, and pain isn’t beneficial for children either, especially when this can be avoided.

Let Family Solicitors Fight Your Corner for You

Family solicitors can assist with all aspects of law including divorce, parenting problems, pre-nuptial agreements, financial settlements, mediation, wills and probate. When you are looking to resolve a family dispute, find out about child custody rights or claim back cash that you believe is yours, a team of solicitors can assist. When you first speak to a solicitor they’ll listen carefully to your problem to be able to fully understand the assistance you require and what advice they should give you. If you’re ready to hire a solicitor then the next stage will certainly be to build your case to be able to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Numerous family problems require sensitivity and care particularly where kids are concerned. If you’re going through a divorce and you have children you will need to conduct your affairs in such a way that children are not affected by bitter separations or custody battles. A firm of family solicitors will assist you to find a resolution that suits everybody and is made with the best interests of your children in mind.

Financial disputes can break families apart. Money is the reason for many family disputes and family solicitors are the experts to call when you need assistance with any such dispute. Disputes over wills and pensions are extremely common and an experienced solicitor should be able to examine the facts to be able to determine who is legally entitled to the money. All aspects of the law will come into play so that a solution can be reached quickly and in compliance with UK family law. Understanding UK family law can be difficult and complex, but with the assistance of a reputable firm of solicitors you are able to break through the red tape and jargon to understand the legislation that affects your case. Your solicitor will keep you fully informed each step of the way and build a watertight case to ensure a fast resolution is reached.

No matter what kind of family law you require assistance with a team of solicitors will be able to offer practical and professional guidance. A professional mediator can make all the difference when trying to find a resolution to a family dispute. If you are suffering from such a problem, get in touch with a firm of solicitors for peace of mind that your case is being dealt with in a professional manner and with your greatest interests at heart. Finding a good family law business to use is easy especially if you search online. Numerous solicitors are now trading online and can provide quick and efficient assistance in all aspects of UK family law.

Don’t Spend Holidays With People You Don’t Like – Even If They Are Family

Not everyone has a wonderful family gathering during the holidays; even if they try. Some people get into arguments that tear the family apart permanently and some go so far as to commit murder in a moment of rage-usually fueled by excessive alcohol or drugs. Some family members have been abused by other family members and neither has disclosed such information to the rest of the family; which results in torture for the victim, as the family rallies around the abuser-and can’t understand why the victim is behaving so coldly towards that one.

In such cases it is often better to forego the family gatherings, tradition be damned. While holidays are a time for loving friends and family to get together and voice their gratitude for each other, those times can cause deeper pain and alienation for those whose experience has been other than rosy. The bottom line for those who have seriously dysfunctional families has to be the one of safety: if it might not be safe to be there, don’t be there. It sounds simple but with pressure from family it can be hard to decline a holiday invitation.

When informing family that the invitation is being declined one has two distinct choices in the performance of that declination-truth or lies. One can tell the truth about why they will not be attending or one can create a lie about it. Truth works great for some and lies work great for those who won’t take the truth as an answer. There are those family manipulators who are difficult to deal with-the ones who insist that ‘bygones be bygones’ and who preach forgiveness. In certain cases such as abuse, it may be dangerous or foolish to attend a get-together. One can always adopt the attitude of “I forgive them and choose to love them from afar.” One can also state very clearly “it will be a cold day in Hell before I allow them anywhere near me!”

Sometimes it truly is the best decision to stay away. There are countless stories of holiday dinners gone bad, where old wounds broke open and murderous rage ended with one or more family members in the grave. If the family members are prone to violence, holidays would best be spent far away from each other. Stabbing a butter-knife into a brother’s heart to punctuate a point of contention can be rather detrimental to both brothers… and the rest of the family too.

Before giving in to the sappy holiday wishes of the family members who have no idea of the suffering that one has caused to another, ask this question: does this serve me? If not, refuse the invitation and go live life on your own terms. After all, forgiveness is in the heart, not the mouth. Even when one has forgiven an abuser, there can still be danger. If the intuition is screaming “don’t go!”… listen to it. There is no good reason for the victim to have to sit in the same room with an abuser if they don’t want to. Preserve self and go make your own holiday traditions… happy ones.

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Dr. Valerie Olmsted is an author, naturopathic physician, metaphysician, internet entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and lover of life. Traveling with the Quantum Vortex Experience, she has helped thousands of people reach the inner connection they are seeking and has contributed to the discoveries of manifestation practices via quantum physics applications.